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These are just some frequently asked questions that I answered about products and product lines in additon to questions about hair and pricing. 


Which hair color line do you use and what products?

I am a Redken Certified Haircolorist, however I use Keune Haircolor.  I can use any hair color line and achieve beautiful results, however Keune gives me the most beautiful results and is extremely healthy on curly textured hair.  I like how it responds to gray hair, relaxed hair, curly hair,  and fine straight hair.  I love formulating colors to achieve cool tones on hair that would normally be very brassy in addition to formulating viberant red tones with depth and richness.


I rarely do relaxer but when I do I use Mizani Relaxer .  The product lines we carry in the salon are Keune and DevaCurl.. Each line has something original and special about it that I love.  Yes, you can use these products on curly/ natural/ black hair! I have for years!


Do you offer more than hair color and natural hair services?

I am a hairstylist who loves haircolor more than anything else.  Because of my love for hair color I created a mostly natural/ unrelaxed clientele.  However, I'm still a hairstylist and my guest push me to expand what I do.  Therefore, I cut hair, I do extensions, relaxers, blowouts and make-up! No BRAIDS.


What type of hair do you use for your extensions?


I rarely do extensions any more but when I do I use Indique Hair for my straight, wavy, and curly extensions.  I use Heat Free Hair for my natural textured hair extensions.  There are other brands out there that are good.  However, because I am a colorist I have to have hair that I know I can color and achieve desired results from without tangles. 

I think extensions should be used on for temporary purposes and not for long amounts of time.  Focus on making your natural hair beautiful. 


How much do you cost?


I am not cheap, I am good!  I always suggest  scheduling a consultation with me to discuss your hair needs first.  That is the perfect time to also discuss prices.   If you are budget conscious we decide to wait on services with me, I have  a list of professionals that I work with that do amazing work that and they cost less than I do.  I will gladly give you their information.  I believe in helping you find the right fit for your needs even if it is not me.


How long have you been doing hair?


I always respond to that... "Legally or illeagally?"   I officially started doing hair in 1999 when I was in undergrad (signs with a pricelist and everything!) I was the girl on campus that did hair in the lobby then I became somewhat more professional and did hiar in the dorm salons.  After I graduated from college with two bachelor degrees,  I followed my heart and went to hair school in 2005. 


What is a Devacut and do I need it?  

A Devacut is just a cut/trim for your natural curls. Many clients ask, do they even need one.  My answer to that is cut your hair for the way you wear your hair the most.  If you wear your hair curly more than 51% of the time, I would suggest getting a Devacut.  If you wear your hair straight more than 51%  of the time

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