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ABOUT Patience B. Moore


I was never a big hair and make-up buff.  In high school I had my hair professionally shampooed and styled once a week because I didn't know how do it myself.  Later in college, many of my friends had dreadlocs, and I began to twist their hair.  Hey, who would have known that I would be really good at it.  Next thing I know, I'm styling and cutting hair.


 After graduation, I realized that I wasn't happy in my career choice.  I called my parents and had a long talk with them.  They asked me, "Baby, what makes you happy?"  With tears in my eyes, I responded, "Doing (sniffle sniffle) doing hair."  My father said, "Then why don't you do what makes you happy?"   That week, I enrolled in cosmetology school.



Make- up is another story.  I knew I wanted to do make-up but I didn't know how.  I had recently read Reggie Wells make-up book and he said "the best make-up school is the cosmetic counter."  So I started working at a local department store make-up counter, giving makeovers whenever and on whoever I could. 

One year later, I found myself finished with cosmetology school, at an award winning salon in Brentwood, TN striving to become an amazing stylist/make-up artist!  Fast forward to 8 years later, I found myself at one of Franklin's most sought after salons still coloring and cutting hair.

I have worked numerous award shows, NYC Fashion Week, and with various celebrities. I've been blessed to travel the world for hair. I truly love what I do.  Being a hair stylist and make-up artist isn't just about the outer look.  It is about showing an already beautiful person how glamorous and stunning they can be.

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