I am a DevaCurl Certified Level 3 Stylist

DevaCurl changed the way I approached curly hair.  Ok! Because I am a stylist with tightly coiled hair that is worn in locks, many of my curly clients (of all ethnicities) assumed I knew how to cut their curly hair.  Well, I love hair cutting and I have taken many curly hair cutting classes.  I also have read almost all the books on the market about curly hair.  Curly Girl the handbook to Curl Talk. However, behind the chair I had inconsistent results.  Some clients would love their look and some would be less than thrilled.  I wasn't happy.  I felt like I should be doing more for my curly girls.  I wanted all my curly girls to have flawless curls with little effort.  I want to offer real solutions to problems like frizz, moisture, shape, inconsistent curl patterns, and inconsistent density!


And then...Teresa Gary! Thank God for her!  My awesome co-worker and resident curly girl decided to take a DevaCurl class in California.  When she came back it was like a curly girl whirlwind/explosion/hurricane/ tornado! She came back inspired.  She had also come back with all the DevaCurl products. As new DevaCut client after client came in, I began to watch her work.  I secretly would listen to her explain how to use the products and why they were so AWESOME! "You use this much...It's sulfate free, parwhirlwind/explosion/hurricane/tornadoaben free, and silicone free...Use a microfiber towel." I watched how she began to cut curly hair blunt and dry while in its natural state.


Soon I began to try some of the techniques she was doing on my clients.  Even without proper instruction of the DevaCut, my clients cuts/shapes began to look better.  One of my every 6 week curly girls called me and told  she was skeptical of the new cutting at first but now she LOVED IT! She was able to get a full week off her wash and go!  Shortly after, Teresa, my Curly Godmother, asked me if I wanted to go to a DevaCut class that was being held in the region...I said, "Heck YEAH!  SUMMER 2014 THE DEVACUT CLASS CHANGED MY LIFE.  Honestly, It has changed the way I look at, color, cut, shampoo, condition, and touch curly hair.  It has changed the way I even look at products that I once coveted.  I recently returned from the advance class in New York at the DevaCurl Academy ...WOW... I am blown away and even more excited about curls more than ever.

**Since last edited I have taken the DevaCurl Certification and I have been a Level 3 Certified DevaCurl stylist since 2016.**

DevaCurl/DevaCut gave me a different approach to cutting and styling curly hair. The products are awesome and they have something for all curl types! So, I'm just going to let the pictures show for themselves!